Third Crowd funding pitch shoot

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 13.42.17

The third crowd funding pitch shoot with Caroline Morley was actually the easiest. We met up at her work then drove!  (Caroline actually has a car!) down to the lido to be greater by sunny weather and tons of people, it was so busy in comparison to The shoot several weeks before that it was initially difficult to find a quiet area to shoot.

We found a nice spot and Caroline who had prepared well nailed every take first time. nobody likes a smart…. Burt in this case I was not complaining.

My only other notes on the day where that I am disappointed with the squint that Caroline has created by the bright sun, If we had packed a reflector I would have been able to turn her back more to the sun and light her face more softly with the reflector.

I knew this as Caroline did but, well things were done reasonably quickly and the image with a little work in post is useable.