Third Crowd funding pitch shoot

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 13.42.17

The third crowd funding pitch shoot with Caroline Morley was actually the easiest. We met up at her work then drove!  (Caroline actually has a car!) down to the lido to be greater by sunny weather and tons of people, it was so busy in comparison to The shoot several weeks before that it was initially difficult to find a quiet area to shoot.

We found a nice spot and Caroline who had prepared well nailed every take first time. nobody likes a smart…. Burt in this case I was not complaining.

My only other notes on the day where that I am disappointed with the squint that Caroline has created by the bright sun, If we had packed a reflector I would have been able to turn her back more to the sun and light her face more softly with the reflector.

I knew this as Caroline did but, well things were done reasonably quickly and the image with a little work in post is useable.


Customer personas

It may not look like it but I actually did conduct a fair bit of research into these personas, particularly news streams, social networks both new and established, as well as looking at pay scales products and brands.

I have stated elsewhere that I do not agree ethically with the use of personas when producing art works, I find it is all to easy to fall into categorisation and stereotyping.

More importantly I am not seeking to commodify my work in this way. I did partly engage with the idea of the research, and thinking on who would actually support this project what their situation might be their politics etc. But equally I find it difficult to place people so neatly into these boxes, as I have mentioned it is a dangerous short cut and the feed back of this thinking is in danger of infecting the process of the work itself.

That does not mean I am totally against promoting my work Or heaven forbid actually getting it seen! No what it means is quite simply to create somthing in the first place that establishes and provides a space for the viewer/audience to find there own way into the work is of the utmost importance to me. I am not an entertainer, neither do I ever intend to be. If someone watches my film and they think, “huh I dont get that” That is fine. If on the other hand someone says “huh, I think I get that” That is equally fine. However if the work asks questions of the viewer and they say “huh I would like to figure that out a bit more, what does that mean?”Thats great too! But it is not for me to decide what one person connects with over another.

 I will not pander to the idea that a given audience is somehow more or less sophisticated in their visual understanding of moving image. Therefore I will try as much as possible not to spoon feed anyone. Part of this respect comes from treating people as individuals with there own minds, funny how people can be all of that and surprise you, particularly when you don’t place them in boxes.





Persona 1: positive/neutral



Phillip would be interested In the form of the project as a lover of all things film, he may support the project in principle and be interested in its progress. He may get involved by making a small donation.

“No problem is too big that it is unsurmountable”

Patagonia, North face, Volvo, Jordans.

Relevant Characteristics:

  • Demographics: Male 43 / Divorced lives alone but near his ex wife and two children

  • works as a Systems analyst for the local council / life experiences to this point / Degree educated / income

  • reasonably frugal living / Avid reader, colector of music and film buff / left of centre politics / jogs every morning, uses local climbing wall when can. A bit aloof but cordial at work, has good long term friendships through his passions for climbing and friends through online social media connected to music and film collecting. Would love more time to climb, still yearns to climb the North face of the Eiger but knows it is unlikely. Spends lots of time with his children and family still manage to go on holidays together.

Personality: Pragmatist, quiet, thinking person, values close friendships and his children.


  • He is interested in the idea, his politics sit just left of centre, and his love of film would make it an interesting experiment to watch (somewhat from the sidelines)

  • Interest, some small personal satisfaction at being involved in something different.


  • To see more of his children, and to see them happy (prefferably graduate)

  • To spend more time climbing and less in office (financial freedom)

Pain points:

  • The perceived failure of his Marriage

  • The idea that he is only a part time Dad.

Influencers / newstreams:

  • Independant, Twitter, Reddit,
  • friends, other outdoorsmen, explorers Ranulph Fiennes
  • He leans politically toward the left and sees this as a positive project.

  • His pragmatism mens he likes the idea of people doing things, he likes the practical

  • He is always on the look out for new film to watch and although doesn’t want to make them himself may like the idea of helping to shape or help make something.

  • He is very organised with little spare time, he does not want to engage beyond a

    casual interest.

  • He needs good reason to part with his money, and may not feel he has sufficient funds

  • He focusses much of his time on those in and around him in his physical not digital life.

Persona 2: positive



Does not identify with Brands as sees them as capitalistic tools of oppression.

Supports independent makers and start ups particularly those that are ethical

When we are finished playing with the idea of nation states we may truly begin to find identity and society”


Relevant Characteristics:

  • Demographics: Male 60 / never married

  • Workplace: Sociology lecturer FE/ and activist in his youth, worked as a social worker before going back to Edcation and then teaching / Masters Degree educated / income: 36,000 per annum

  • Lifestyle: Writes short stories& poetry in his spare time / reads a lot, socialist/Marxist politics / Enjoys the theatre, experimental /art cinema, regularly visits museums and art galleries. Enjoys engaging in meaningful debate, Doesn’t like the way the education system has gone but hangs in there for the students. Has many good long term friendships, regularly meets friends and colleagues. Has kept up with the digital world has many friends online and keeps in contact through social media. Would love to travel to India, and dreams of finishing his novel and be published

Personality: Lively warm and passionate (particularly on political and social issues)


  • Believes in positive social change, through education, and political discourse, still believes that communication and open debate can effect this change.

  • He loves writing short stories that he thinks are open to both adults and children, they have ethical debate and social change at there heart.


  • To finish His novel and perhaps to get it published or self publish

  • To travel and volunteer in India on retirement.

Pain points:

  • He struggles in the current education system which he believes is both politicised and monetised

  • He struggles to balance his dissapointment and anger at the system with his zest for teaching and keeping his hopes aloive for his students

Influencers / news streams:

  • The Guardian, New Internationalist, Twitter,
  • Friends, Carl Marx

Reason he would engage:

  • He agrees with the political ideolgies and the social ones

  • He supports activism and believes in freedom of speech

  • He is always looking for ways to engage in positive social ideas

Reasons he may not engage:

  • He may not find the site!

  • He may not feel qualified to get involved

Persona 3: positive



embracing life’s opportunities, getting out there and making a difference”

Brands: Likes charity shops for clothing bargains,

Slightly anti fashion, more interested in people.

Oxfam, Burt’s bees

Relevant Characteristics:

  • Demographics: female 28 single, house share.

  • Workplace: Mental health nurse 25,000 per annum

  • Lifestyle: Jenny likes being outdoors and reading, going to festivals and live gigs when she can, she is committed to her career as a nurse, loves camping and the outdoors. Watches most of her films online.

Personality: Lively talkative and passionate, caring but no nonsense approach to life.


  • Believes in social care and responsibility, is committed to the reduction of stigma in mental health.

  • Loves getting outdoors and believes we can all be happier If we lead more balanced lives


  • To continue in nursing but to specialise in drug dependency.

  • To work abroad in the future in Western lapland and learn different methods and a new language.

Pain points:

  • Struggles with the loss of money and funding in mental health, wants to see true reform

  • Feels she has missed out on travel through her study and wants to work abroad some time in the future

Influencers / newstreams:

  • The big issue, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Reddit, LinkedIn
  • friends, senior nurses at work, Gandhi
  • leans politically toward the left, and sees any project trying to break down stigma in mental health as a positive step

  • Is a doer, would look to get involved, definitely would have an opinion both personal and professional

  • Jenny is well organised and motivated and generally has a happy and practical view of life, she will not suffer fools though and would only support this project after a rigorous examination of its ethics and methodology, If these checked out she could be a key supporter.

  • She is busy with work and life balance, and would only get involved if the project checked out positively with her ideology and ethics.

  • She doesn’t have a lot of spare income and can be impulsive

  • She could potentially be quite directive in of the film and production

Persona 4: negative



Sup bitches”

Brands: Bentley, Lamborgini, Burberry, Gucci, Cartier,

Relevant Characteristics:

  • Demographics: Male 26 single lives at home with Mum

  • Workplace: Owns small business start up

  • Lifestyle: into cars, girls, a frustrated playboy (when he gets his own place) Is interested in all things designer branded, working toward his first million.

Personality: outgoing, loud, and a little bit shallow, has bed wetting issues


  • Believes in money, getting rich quick, Jason would be a entrepreneur, but currently lacks the real imagination or work ethic, he believes he should be successful, have lots of flash cars, and generally have a good time

  • He loves the idea of capitalism but has yet to learn how to spell it


  • To make money, lots of it

  • to move out of his mums basement to his own bachelor pad

Pain points:

  • He is struggling to make his businesses work and cant understand why

  • Wishes he could live in his own pad

Influencers / newstreams:

  • Facebook Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Vine, Snapchat, Tinder

Reason he wouldn’t engage:

  • He is not interested in mad people or their problems

  • He thinks that art is waste of time

  • Films are for supposed to be for entertainment aren’t they?

    Reasons he would engage: none

Campaign rewards and perks rough up copy

1-3 Join us….!

Just for joining in and offering your support, you will be mentioned in shout outs on twitter, and in the film credits as a backer. You will be sent a link to access the finished film before it goes public online, spread the word! We need your support and your ideas not just your cash! We will send you an update on all three areas of production.

£5-£10 Get involved!

In this bracket we are encouraging you to get more involved, it is of course up to you how much or how little you engage! but we will be sending you regular updates through pre production, the shoot and beyond, feel free to chip in! any thoughts or suggestions? we want to hear them. you will also receive access to a pre release copy of the film in the form of a private link and exclusive access to behind the scenes photos and footage of the shoot and rehearsals. On top of that you will get a shout out on twitter and a big thank you from us in the title credits, where your name will feature with the other backers of the project. not only that but you can apply for a free ticket to the test screening, (when they are gone there gone)! We have 50 seats up for grabs and as always this is a chance for you to give us your feedback before the film goes to public screening. The first 50 backers will also be eligible for free seats at the film Premiere and Q&A event.

£10-£25  Your obviously a film buff! (x46)

Because of this we want to get you more involved (if you agree of course)! you will be reserved a seat at the pre screening test and be asked to give your feedback, your name will of course be featured in the credits as a backer and supporter, and as part of our pre screen team. you will receive a digital version of the film both as link and as download. we will send you a digital link to some of the story boards beautifully drawn by our  Artist Joe O’grady.

You will be eligible for one of the 46 seats at the premiere and Q&A session, you will see of course the finished film that you have very likely played quite part in helping to shape. You can put yourself forward to become one of our extras if you can make it to Devon! (see below)

£30-£50  You are some kind of movie mogul surely? (x4)

Well you are now one of only 4 named executive producers in the credits. and your chance for more involvement in the film doesn’t stop there. We will have a seat waiting for you at the pre screening tests where we are still shaping the film we need your suggestions and we need your feedback. The film is taking shape but we may change some elements before final cut. You will gain unprecedented access to the whole production from beginning to end we send you updates and information, so please send us your thoughts or suggestions. You will also have access to all of the backstage and behind the scenes elements of the production which include a making of video, outtakes, and signed limited copies of some of the storyboards and concept art work. You will have a premium seat at the premiere event to watch the finished film and be invited to join us on the Q&A panel to discuss the process and the film. (only if your brave enough to come up front)! We won’t judge!

You will of course get a link to the film pre release and a download link too.

You can put yourself forward to become one of our extras if you can make it to Devon! (see below)

Extra…Extra! read all about it!

So our last category is for budding actors, we have 6 non speaking roles in the film itself to fill, fancy yourself as the next Deniro, or Blanchett? we want to hear from you if you applied for the roles above send us your details and although we can’t promise anything, we will contact you. If you are chosen and you can make it to our two shooting locations in Devon, you will be well looked after, fed and watered and will get to take part in a film shoot and see what all the fuss is about! Who knows this may be a life changer!

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…

So you have seen all of the opportunities so what are you waiting for? come and get involved! We would like to say right here that we are really excited about this project and your involvement, this to us is what real film making is all about, working together creatively as a community. We would of course in an ideal world be able to offer all the screenings to everyone, if we could we would.

Suffice to say everyone who gets involved will be considered valued members of this film making team.

If we don’t make our Target we won’t just give up there!  But after we have licked our wounds we will try again. What it does mean though is we won’t be able to shoot for another year and of course we can’t cover the costs for the screening events. All money in this case will be given to a charity decided on collectively by the backers.

But thats not going to happen is it!? Onwaaaaard!!!!

Thanks for all your support and time, now lets make a film!

The Low Season Team

Crowd funder, campaign overview

Low Season is more than just a short film! It is a social engagement project that I hope puts back some of the power where it should be, in the hands of those who have lived experience of mental health issues.

For this reason we don’t just want to make a film with your backing and support we want to invite you to truly engage with this project and become a part of the team.

We believe that by giving voice to the difficult issues of mental health we can reduce stigma and perhaps even create discussion surrounding some of the challenges that we all face in the modern world.

Low Season is more than just a short film! It is a social engagement project that I hope puts back some of the power where it should be, in the hands of those who have lived experience of mental health issues.

For this reason we want to invite you to truly engage with this project and become a part of the team.

We believe that by giving voice to the difficult issues of mental health we can reduce stigma and create discussion about some of the challenges that we all face in the modern world.

Low Season is a film about the long term social consequences of consumerism and capitalism.

The cost on the human spirit, the price extracted when we don’t measure up to the social and economic demands of modern life.

It is a shout out for the dispossessed, a quiet scream for the stragglers on the edges of a system that demands the impossible, constant happiness, economic stability and continual growth.

Set in the twilight of a failing economic and global society, Low Season asks us what it will take for us to find another way forward. Are we truly doomed? Or do we already possess the means to regenerate and re-evaluate our place in the world?

A film about the loss of identity and the fragility of hope.

It follows a man in his late middle age who is clinging to the last shreds of his dignity and humanity, we follow him on a journey of quiet rediscovery in the deserted seaside town in which he grew up.

Is this journey his last? Or does it symbolise a rebirth through the reconnection to elemental forces far greater than ourselves?

Hi thanks for taking a look at the campaign page, My name is Chris Lake, I am an independent film maker from Devon England.

My films are infused with my professional and personal experience in both mental health and the natural world.

The film itself is a short, we hope coming in at under 10 minutes in length, Which isn’t long to describe a desperate human experience, but even with the constraints we want to make a powerful and artistic rendering of human experience, not to talk down to anyone but to try and communicate even a small part of what it feels like to lose your identity and to truly feel lost.

Whats this all about then?

Low Season is a short film that deals with difficult issues, mental distress, and loss of identity, the effects on us all of consumerist society. It follows a middle aged character in his home town as he fights to hold onto his sense of identity, its is a journey of the mind as well as a journey in the physical world.

How did you came up with this?

The idea came about from seeing the shockingly high rates of suicide in men between 18-65 particularly in the torbay area of the southwest of England. Loss of jobs, perceived failure in relationships and many other problems combined with an reluctance to talk about there problems because of social stigma can lead to a desperate state of affairs.

Perhaps I should introduce myself!

Hi my name is Chris Lake I am a filmmaker from Devon in England, this project and film was my Idea, I have both a personal and professional experience of mental health issues, and I think film is a powerful means of exploring these issues and I believe strongly  that by giving voice to the difficult issues of mental health we can reduce stigma and perhaps even create discussion surrounding some of the challenges that we all face in the modern world.

Why we need your help

We want to make more than just a Short film we want to build a community of supporters around this project, and make some noise about these issues. So we really do want more than financial support we would like you to get involved give us feedback, be a genuine part of the project and together we can not only make this film we can get it screened.

What we need is a small amount of the money to go towards the travel costs and food expenses for our super elite small cast and crew, and the remainder we want to put towards secure two screening events where all of the backers(who can make it) can come and view the film. We know with your support that we can make an evocative film that is both artistic and respectful.

Why a film?

To put it simply, I am tired of seeing depictions in film and media that are lacking in both honesty and vision in there portrayal of extreme mental health issues, and I also think we need to stop pointing the blame at individuals as if they are somehow failures in our society. So off my high horse for a moment, with your help I would like to redress this balance and make a film that is both honest open and sensitive to the plight of those who suffer in silence.


Rachel Dobbs lecture

Wed 18th of January: ethics creative property.

Intellectual property

“everything you make can be exploited as a commodity” Mr IP

ALL products of human creativity can be defined as intellectual property.

create tangible commodities

Choosing what to protect as a creative practitioner… When to let it go and when to fight for the right to ownership.

Finding a way to protect and display?

tangible creative properties:

Products tech solutions and inventions: patents design rights

20 years exclusive rights

Smells, names logos brands, combinations colours, sounds etc :brands trademarks (™) NICE Classification

registered under nice class…

potential for legal action.

Music/creative, Literary, films etc: copyright

do not need to register, first ownership rests with the author or co authors (unless an exception concerning employment applies)

related rights for

Orphan works can’t find owner of copyright….

Copyright length =Death of author plus 70 years( sony bono and walt disney fighting to extend for years)

pre-1923 public domain.

Literary work: includes anything written spoken or sung

dramatic work: a work of dance or mime

Sound recording: any recording of sound that can be replayed

Artistic works: stuff you make! film building etc

Broadcast: any electronic transmission of visual image sounds etc


A ‘work’ is not the idea but its expression or the material form that an idea given by an author.

(representation through a union for added protection and follow up)

What can’t be protected: ideas, procedures, methods, recipes, lists of ingredients, systems, processes, ‘ways of doing things’ concepts, principles, discoveries, works that are not fixed in a tangible form of expression (e.g. improvised speech)

consent can be withdrawn at any time (if consent form has been signed)

Recipe: example of what can and can’t be copyrighted written down words and format is copyrighted but not the process or the list of ingredients.

container and written format are able to be copyrighted not the ideas or process, lists etc.

Building brands is a form of working away from and improving the protection of product ” this is the real thing” this is original and solid etc.

Information that is commonly available and contains no originality9 e.g. calendars, measures and rulers….

BUT derivative works from these things are subject to copyright.

How do i make my work safe and copyrighted:

Copyright paternity:

the author has to be named on all copies of the work and when the work is made available to the public.

Copyright integrity:

the right of an author to prevent….

Copyright licensing

-agreement is needed in order to use an authors work

-the right to further transfer copyright to third parties and the right to alter a work must be agreed explicitly otherwise these rights are not transferred.

9need it in writing)

Exemptions: for citation and commission, quotation parody and private study, criticism, news reporting, research, archiving and preservation.

parody: significant changes to the work.

Quotation shorter the better.

news reporting:

Note to self: try and get permission for Bowie track. if not try another track… Old blues? contact Kashi now.

Read only/ read write remix culture.

Is paternity challenged and dying? Are we losing skills to create new works in remix culture?

Creative commons:

CC creative commons, denotes do what you like with as long as you acknowledge the   author

BY by me attributed to me

NC non commerical

SA share alike

Public domain: use texts that are in public domain!

Books, other works early films.

Also look at how Aronofsky managed to byuy the rights to Stoshi Kons work after he died.

True or false

can be sued for using something regardless of if you make a profit. deemed to damage the commercial value of the work and authors moral rights.

Derivitaive works based on or derived from another work 10% change false still need permission.

Fair use exemptions….

Learn how to licence your own work.


David Evans: Appropriation: documents of contemporary art

Meme what is it Richard Dawkins talk on it

Andy Warhol soup can gets around copyright because he had the paintings or illustrations drawn, of the soup cans and they are not cans they are pictures,

again it is the picture that sine w and not the idea of the image reproduced it is not a photo either and was drawn from memory new

Everything is a remix web series

pro comer for a claim on an infringement of your work. send it to the person who has used work and ask them to take it down or credit you.

Personas: ethics and a way forward

This has been one of the big stumbling blocks for me, What is a persona, and what will it do for me as a filmmaker and practitioner?

Firstly I really do understand the reasons why any business or start up would need to begin building these pictures of their potential customers/stakeholders. It really does give any new project a good chance of focusing in on who and where they may find the potential customers, and gives all manner of marketing research data whether that is qualitative or quantitive in its basis. I am not for a minute suggesting that It should be discounted from a potential crowd funding campaign, particularly those who have some form of product to market or sell.

My problem begins with one of the key notions of this research the ability to get inside the head of potential customers/stakeholders, or in my case viewers/audience. The reason is simple, I am not making a film wholly for an audience. My films are probably at best niche, not because I am deliberately being obscure, or because I do not want anyone to see them, but because the  process and philosophy are in?separable from the film, these elements are not only the reason I make them, they are how I make them, to break into this process and begin to second guess what a viewer may want is to change that, and essentially you are left with a compromised film which loses both authorship and integrity.

There are many film makers out there that make films in this way, and some of them sell well and make them a lot of money, there are however, arguably no great filmmakers out there, nor have there been or will ever be, who follow this method.

I am not suggesting that I am great here! Im not suggesting that I ever will be either, but the one thing that I have learned is that the only true filter for your work that defines it as yours is of course yourself. It is not narcissistic to suggest this just pragmatic. being open to all and every idea is essential to film making, it is a collaborative art form, no one person can do it all.

Everything about film making should be about serving the film, a film builds like an organic creature it begins to take on a life of its own and it is the job of the crew, director, writer and all of the production to allow this process to happen,  If everything gets turned upside down, and the production takes over and the film has to serve it, and ultimately the whims of the market, then we do sadly end up with more Hollywood factory produced clones, they may be pretty they may taste sugary at first, but ultimately they are forgettable and exist as product only.

So if we concentrate only on what an audience may like we would have no art and no films, we would have a lot of product and if its possible even more Marvel films!

I for one cannot and will not make films like this, If I am going to put my life energy into a project I have to believe in it. live with it go to bed and dream about it, etc.

So where does this leave me in terms of audience and personas? The thing is, I believe most of us have a wish to be heard as makers in one way or another, so of course we are considering how our audience will react to the film/artefact, does this shot or scene work? What does this communicate? This is part of an internalised process of the communication in films and other forms of art.

When we decide to make a single decision because we think that it will somehow serve a wider audience or make something easier to understand, we begin a slippery slope.

As a film maker I believe we must put trust in the audience to have the intellect and visual sophistication to interpret our meanings messages and the way we try to put them across.

If some people don’t like it or don’t get it, thats ok too, we can never hope to please very one and we should never try.

It is a constant process of choice and a very finely tuned one, when we bring too much thought of the viewer into this, it threatens to topple this balance and we are either frozen into inaction, or just begin to take the easy way out and make user friendly compromised pap.

So with all this in mind how does this affect a look at personas for a crowd funding campaign? It is in my opinion a very bad fit! Not only does this start down the road mentioned above, once we begin to think too specifically about who this audience may be, we can’t simply unthink or unpick this process it is in there!

Also in my case I am trying to encourage people to join a community to support this project and to become involved with it actively. Is it really ethical to start picturing my community in such shallow and defined terms as age, class, Occupation..etc?

How will this really help me when I launch this crowd funding campaign? Would it cause me to choose different pathways of promotion or social networking? I don’t think so, not in this case, I am not selling a product, perhaps I am selling an ideal or a concept, but i fail to see where I can be specific in this target audience, nor do I want to be.

My goal would of course be to encourage as diverse an audience as possible, people can be surprising! Perhaps there is a Daily mail reading 55 five year old Thatcherite out there who has a personal connection to suicide or mental illness and decides she/he wants to support the campaign, am I really the one who decides that this is not my audience!

I will therefore be including a theoretical Persona list as a box ticking exercise only.