Campaign rewards and perks rough up copy

1-3 Join us….!

Just for joining in and offering your support, you will be mentioned in shout outs on twitter, and in the film credits as a backer. You will be sent a link to access the finished film before it goes public online, spread the word! We need your support and your ideas not just your cash! We will send you an update on all three areas of production.

£5-£10 Get involved!

In this bracket we are encouraging you to get more involved, it is of course up to you how much or how little you engage! but we will be sending you regular updates through pre production, the shoot and beyond, feel free to chip in! any thoughts or suggestions? we want to hear them. you will also receive access to a pre release copy of the film in the form of a private link and exclusive access to behind the scenes photos and footage of the shoot and rehearsals. On top of that you will get a shout out on twitter and a big thank you from us in the title credits, where your name will feature with the other backers of the project. not only that but you can apply for a free ticket to the test screening, (when they are gone there gone)! We have 50 seats up for grabs and as always this is a chance for you to give us your feedback before the film goes to public screening. The first 50 backers will also be eligible for free seats at the film Premiere and Q&A event.

£10-£25  Your obviously a film buff! (x46)

Because of this we want to get you more involved (if you agree of course)! you will be reserved a seat at the pre screening test and be asked to give your feedback, your name will of course be featured in the credits as a backer and supporter, and as part of our pre screen team. you will receive a digital version of the film both as link and as download. we will send you a digital link to some of the story boards beautifully drawn by our  Artist Joe O’grady.

You will be eligible for one of the 46 seats at the premiere and Q&A session, you will see of course the finished film that you have very likely played quite part in helping to shape. You can put yourself forward to become one of our extras if you can make it to Devon! (see below)

£30-£50  You are some kind of movie mogul surely? (x4)

Well you are now one of only 4 named executive producers in the credits. and your chance for more involvement in the film doesn’t stop there. We will have a seat waiting for you at the pre screening tests where we are still shaping the film we need your suggestions and we need your feedback. The film is taking shape but we may change some elements before final cut. You will gain unprecedented access to the whole production from beginning to end we send you updates and information, so please send us your thoughts or suggestions. You will also have access to all of the backstage and behind the scenes elements of the production which include a making of video, outtakes, and signed limited copies of some of the storyboards and concept art work. You will have a premium seat at the premiere event to watch the finished film and be invited to join us on the Q&A panel to discuss the process and the film. (only if your brave enough to come up front)! We won’t judge!

You will of course get a link to the film pre release and a download link too.

You can put yourself forward to become one of our extras if you can make it to Devon! (see below)

Extra…Extra! read all about it!

So our last category is for budding actors, we have 6 non speaking roles in the film itself to fill, fancy yourself as the next Deniro, or Blanchett? we want to hear from you if you applied for the roles above send us your details and although we can’t promise anything, we will contact you. If you are chosen and you can make it to our two shooting locations in Devon, you will be well looked after, fed and watered and will get to take part in a film shoot and see what all the fuss is about! Who knows this may be a life changer!

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…

So you have seen all of the opportunities so what are you waiting for? come and get involved! We would like to say right here that we are really excited about this project and your involvement, this to us is what real film making is all about, working together creatively as a community. We would of course in an ideal world be able to offer all the screenings to everyone, if we could we would.

Suffice to say everyone who gets involved will be considered valued members of this film making team.

If we don’t make our Target we won’t just give up there!  But after we have licked our wounds we will try again. What it does mean though is we won’t be able to shoot for another year and of course we can’t cover the costs for the screening events. All money in this case will be given to a charity decided on collectively by the backers.

But thats not going to happen is it!? Onwaaaaard!!!!

Thanks for all your support and time, now lets make a film!

The Low Season Team


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