Studio tests ” the impossible shot pt 2″


The second studio test was to concentrate on the second element of selling the idea and shot as the two people looking at each other being the same,

It was after the first shots completion whilst we chatted to Andy James in the office that we came up with gold, we realised that we just needed to see the face of the person looking back in as a reflection nothing more, Rusty mentioned that we could achieve this by digitally adding it in post, I replied is there not a harder way to do it practically? which really got Andy fired up this being his thing, and I believe it was he that mentioned a two dimensional mask being reflected in the window….. And this the search for impossible part two began!

We got in the film studio with a good couple of hrs to play with and set about recreating the previous set up. once this was achieved we put lights in place to try and help with the reflection in the screen. After we found a willing 2nd year film student to sit in for us our intention was to take a photo of his  face in said lighting,  print it out and cut it out and stick it to my face! and behold with the correct lighting we could acheive the trick, and hopefully sell it to the audience, how dreadfully deceptive of us!

A problem arose when none of the printers would seem to print out our photo, ridiculous as it may seem we quickly fell back on a magazine cut out, and so I became very briefly Semour Hoffman, lucky me.

It was exciting to see the results on the camera lcd because it looked amazing and that was with less than perfect lighting and a photo taken from a magazine! In retrospect I can now see there are still problems to overcome to truly sell the shot, the reflections on the mask for one, the possibility of the mask being seen from behind, and the edges of the mask and how they blend or rather not, are all still issues.

Rusty mentioned about taking a physical mask of Tips face and then painting it! I am not sure about the chances of that but did start to think about t3d modelling and how the one would go about mapping a 3d image onto a mask I must now speak to Paul on the course and find out if this is possible….hmmmm.







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