LOW SEASON Production meeting two: 13/12/2016


Cinematographer: Russel Cleave, Producer: Jake Bench, Director: Chris Lake

This meeting was an important chance to work through the ideas with both Rusty and Jake and also see where we were at with pre production plans.

We started by looking at what had occurred since the last meet, Jake had been busy and had secured permission for the cafe location at Dawlish and the pier at Teignmouth.

With two important catches, firstly, the cafe as we knew was for sale and not being used but will be sold and occupied from march Onward. This has pushed the shoot for this location to a date in Febuary, the owners are also away on holiday in Febuary so we are awaiting dates that will suit all.

The pier owners (family owned and run) are having works done to the pier and we are awaiting dates on availability. They are happy for us to shoot in the arcade, but we need to ask again about shooting the outside area at the end of the pier.


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