Low season : a short synopsis, notes

In my attempt to bring the ideas of the film into an abridged and shortened pitch I began to make notes, here is one of the early attempts. part of the reason was to apply for music rights through Moby gratis where they required a condensed synopsis.

The film follows a man in a seaside town in the winter, it is bleak and run down, the pier is falling down, posters are peeling from the walls reminding us of the glory days. The film behind with a note blowing along the street, we follow the note as it tumbles along. the scene cut abruptly to the inside of a busy cafe steam hissing and the clank of cups.We follow this character from him having a cup of tea in a small cafe, he is writing a note, he looks up sees himself through the window and the camera shifts it is he looking in at an empty seat. We know that he is troubled and cut off from other people. he is dressed impeccably in suit and tie he is in his late 5os and we follow him as he walks along the front to the old pair, various shots intercut with sound suggest the pair in its summer heyday before financial ruin. he ends up on a tiny patch of beach where for a brief time he watches a young boy spas around in the icy water with his ageing dog, whilst his father looks on. They leave huddled against the cold.

Our character walks down onto the beach and very carefully undresses, each item stacked neatly on a pile and finally the note perched on the top the cars settles with the note we see him walk out of focus and into the sea imered he disappears. the note flutters off in the breeze. The camera follows the note as before as it tumbles along the pavement it blows against the leg of a man dressed smartly in the same suit and shoes he stoops and picks up the note fade to black


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