Ethics: morality, good bad,  norms, a discipline has code of conduct, different cultures or conducts, personal integrity, corporate ethics (green washing) Art and how we challenge norms and where the borders are?

addressing questions of how it might be possible to decide on the ethical choices

Hedonism seeking pleasure avoiding pain.

Mindfullness, the sense of misconstrued use.

Mr smith goes to Washington, Capra, (1937) virtue ethics: to act in accordance with traits that are excellent in themselves. honesty integrity loyalty.

social contracts that tie us together as a spp

Deotological ethics following a set of rules in order

Consequentialism: the consequences of an action provide the only measure of its consequences, commonly used by government and military.

Thought experiments of consequence and ethics batman example

Michael sandman ethical lectures harvard.

201 refine/clarify research project further


Issues of integrity in academic research data collection contributions, referencing.

Consent in collaboration in participatory art works.

What if you want to push and challenge rules, self consciously

Phillip Lorca photo (camera trap) case brought against the photographer thrown out on the grounds of protecting the artists freedom of expression, against the right of the individual., had it been for a commercial use it may have gone a different way.

discussion including ethics and the effects on my practice.


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