First production meeting with Jake and crew structure

First production meeting for ‘Low Season’ 6th of December 2016

Chris Lake: Director & Jake Bench: Producer

After Jake offered to produce Low Season, and I shifted all of my focus on this module toward the film, we very quickly set up our first meeting.

Jake has produced several shorts in the past and I have worked with him before on several of my own films. He brings a great deal of expertise knowledge and a zen like unflappable calm to a production. The ability to talk in short form with a fellow film maker is invaluable.

The beginning of the meeting consisted of me putting across a break down of films requirements, locations (yet to be granted permission) Alist of the crew including those on board and those still to contact. And a list of the cast and extras, who and where.

A lot of the discussion revolved around the structure of the crew as well, As I want Caroline Morley as Assistant director, which normally suggests a much larger shoot. In this case It covers a role that is crucial in allowing me to work with the actors and crew in a more creative way. That is of organisation of cast and crew and running orders on the day. In my past experience on my short fade I took on the producers and organiser role for the bigger shoots and essentially tried to do everything, not only is this exhausting it is counterproductive and can lead to micro management of a shoot, This time I really wanted to trust even more in a solid crew structure and release myself from the management of the shoot to concentrate on the films Aesthetic and artistic elements with the ability to stand back a little opportunities that may arise on set can be easier to see and act on.

The crew structure is as follows:

Me: Director

Jake Bench: Producer

Caroline Morley: Assistant director

Rusty: Dop/camera operator

Samuel Johns: camera/lighting assistant

Sound: Daniel Eastick?

Julia Claxon: set designer

Tamzen Howe: transport and hospitality

We also discussed the logistics of locations and getting cast and crew to and from and developed an idea of roughly how many days shooting may be required, the early cautious estimate seems to be 3 days shooting 4th as a pick up day if needed.

The budget of the film is a constraint on all of the emoluments above so some discussion revolved around the potential main budget needs and of course how to meet these. the kick-starter campaign That I am building I obviously a big part of this. and we identified sound recordist from london expenses and possible pay for actor and set design budget.

Factoring in the need for a realistic figure on any crowd funding campaign we came up with the figure of 750 pounds asa a working total to reach for.


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