Amendments to the presentation for inglourious…An email to Kim

I felt that the film was weakened by a linear chapter structure which used a repeated vehicle of tension build and break to stylistic violence. Which I felt caused a thematic disconnect and repeated over the course of the film weakens it’s potential to have any real impact or hold us as an audience.


Individual scenes that cultivate a magnetic power and build of tension are traded In cheaply, breaking our connection to narrative, character, and overall emotional investment, leaving us as an audience feeling like we have had our pocket picked, 

The Possible attempts by the director to draw parallels with modern neo-colonial American attitude to foreign policy and a continued use of oppression and violence are also diluted by the structural problems, as is the central conceit that of; cinema as a means of moral compass or corruptor, making us complicit through our pleasure at sanctioned and morally justifiable violence.

If indeed these where his intentions, I wished to illustrate that like a Russian doll his chief vehicle of tension release, offers us an ever diminishing return that is both empty in content and hollow in voice.

But It didn’t come out like that!!


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