A boy, his dog, and a dad.

I will keep this blog post Brief partly because I do not want to jinx anything at this stage! It has Taken a great deal of date changes and jiggling about to secure My other important cast members, they are my oldest friend Marc Eastick and his 12 year old Son Morgan, they are not just friend or family shoe ins for the parts, I have wanted the relationship for these roles to be real not two separate actors, and as the moment in life I witnessed was so full of pathos I really wanted to maintain as much of this as possible.

I realise that my reluctance to work with actors on the whole must seem perhaps an easy way out or even a means to save money! But it is far from it, It is too early to say what my first experience of working with a trained actor will bring to the film, but I can say this, I would always choose reality over fake if I could manage it, I need to feel that there is a connection somewhere between the character and what I am asking them to portray and real life, perhaps it stems from my attitude to lived experience. I have mentioned the Turkish Director  Nuri Bilge Ceylan, and the impact his film ‘Kasaba’ (1997) had on me, this was increased when I found that he worked for the majority of time with non actors and in particular with his family!

It has Created a few problems for me sticking to my guns on this one, and It did look like we would have to go the actors route at one stage because Marc and Morgan both live in Norfolk so it would involve a weekend trip for them and none of the earlier dates in March or earlier in April fitted with there schedules.

However when I realise that Things would simply not be ready for the shoots in March and with the deadline for this module looming, I saw we should clearly  hold on and shoot in late April.

It does mean the weather will be better (not necessarily wished for in this case) and that there will be a lot more tourists and people about generally to clog up the works, but, we get the right people for the roles and the more time to prepare properly. Add to this the increased daylight and the fact that we have to shoot early in the morning anyway. And I feel we win out all round.






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