Five nil


20170206_174904I really struggled with the implementation of the five goals particularly at the beginning of the module, I realise that his is when it is most useful if it is going to be at all but for me i felt the walls literally close in on me at the mention of it. I have included my rough sketch of the goals And to some extent I have actually achieved some of these, particularly one of my longer term goals to work with a outside client in a professional context,. However I have struggled to find relevance within my own project( that of the film) outside of a few like working with a trained actor.

This Goal setting seems to work for me in a Larger picture of my own overall development as a practitioner but when applied more locally to the work in hand becomes a nuisance and bar to creativity, admittedly I was a little overawed by the whole course on that first week but I I have also been keen to push myself and develop as a practitioner and artist.

The goals that are key to me in the film project are far from arbitrary but they do have a structure that when explored and expanded can be used to push your own practice, I came into the MA already primed with goals to achieve and I believe these are the long and short term elements that can push my skill and practice as a film maker.

Having said this When I began to review what I had actually done during this module I have realise that minus the shifts in direction I have actually achieved most of these goals and several besides, the fact that I largely wrote them down and then decided to forget all about them, seems to have had little affect on this outcome, perhaps internalising them early on, has worked for me in a way allowing me to focus on these overall destinations I had set for myself.


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