The Inglorious presentation… Lessons and learning


Password for the film is as usual: charliedontsurf

<p><a href=”″>Chris Lake presentation- Inglourious…</a> from <a href=””>Chris Lake</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The necessity to create a presentation in video format ended up being a lot more work, than I had first envisaged. I was unable to make the presentation due to a desperate need to have emergency dental treatment. I knew in advance I would be in the chair for a second time so was able to put this video together.

My initial plan was to make an unbroken presentation to camera, as would be delivered in person, the reasons were clear to me, I had to be able to present an unbroken text in delivery, without editing, because this was at least playing to the same rules that everyone else would have. I know that I obviously was without the pressure of a live audience, however I did quickly realise that this is not as great as it sounds!

I did a lot of research leading up to this presentation on other readings of and critiques of Inglourious Basterds (2009) by Quentin Tarrantino. what surprised me was the lack of depth, and at least in the mainstream media the division into two simple camps; in one right wing tabloids and middle of the road press was a sense of unease and a lazy condemnation on ethical grounds, the subject mainly it was suggested was too serious or even sacred to approach in any other way than documentary or very serious drama. I will not linger too long on why I find this statement worrying both in an ethical and historical context, but suffice to say that in one of my original drafts I went into a lot more detail on the perceived ring fencing of events in history and the power of satire both in its immediate relevance (The Dictator) Charlie Chaplin, and Dr Strangelove (1964) Stanley Kubrick, are both good examples of the power and relevance of satire to a society at the time of events unfolding.

Or taken in a historical sense after the fact [Perhaps ‘Blackadder goes forth’ (1989) is a fine example of this ability for a culture to move forward and make sense of the past and its horrors.

But since I said that I was not going to linger there I wont! The other reading in the press and in a surprising amount of dedicated film journals and critiques was a falling over backwards to praise Tarantino for a bravura piece of film making, and looking back now it is hard not to see it as a movement that gathered momentum like a fashionable wave.

Respected members of the press and cinema critics of no little clout all lined up to hail this film as his Masterpiece!

Hmmmm, This rattled me and just made me want to dig deeper into what it was that I found so weak about the film.

So back to the making of my little presentation, I wanted to keep the time line solid and fixed one continual delivery, and that is what I did, there are visual cuts, as I decided that staring at my ugly mug for that length of time would possibly prove too much for most people. so I introduced key elements of the film to illustrate my points but at no stage did I ever touch or alter the sound and the video is a whole take beginning to end with all the other elements worked in and around.

Why am I at such pains to make this point? Because it took me nearly 14 hours to get that one but last delivery right! And by this time all my little quirks and friendly energised attempts at delivery had largely been replaced by a tired cynicism of just get it bloody done!

The edit was similar in length, over two days, including several test exports.

It Ultimately fulfills the criteria and rules that I set for myself, and I hope it does the same at least in part for the brief laid out.

I did learn a lot outside of the research, i enjoyed the edit of course, apart from having to listen to myself for hours droning on! But I really learnt how difficult it is to present even solo to a camera. I did all of this on my own which made it longer continual testing for focus and checking light and sound, but also I am most proud of my patented auto cue system of what resembles a gigantic steering wheel surrounding the camera made of pipe lagging and held up by walking poles, where I was able to put all of my notes and cue cards, it worked really well and allowed for me to shift my eyes back and forth between the camera and off to other areas regularly to not seem like I was staring into space or looming at the audience too much.

It is a shame that in my ambition with the pitch video that I was not able to recreate this on location, as this lesson well learned at home was not put into practice on location for the crowd funding pitch.




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