I really needed to condense some of my ideas into something a lot more concise, two factors demanded it one thinking about the crowd funding pitch, and two to communicate this verbally to people when I need to, also I was going to take this to Claire Horock’s, head of Digital at Exeter Phoenix, and pitch it for an up and coming film commission.

Essentially my days of waffling or stumbling over descriptions of what my films are, or are about, has to end. Yes I hate verbalising it, particularly since the whole point of my films is to allow space within the images for the audience to find there own meanings. In other words I make films that are designed to have some degree of ambiguity, yep, try explaining that to a potential backer!

So heres the short version one:

Low Season is a film about the long term social consequences of consumerism and capitalism.

The cost on the human spirit, the price extracted when we don’t measure up to the social and economic demands of modern life.

It is a shout out for the dispossessed, a quiet scream for the stragglers on the edges of a system that demands the impossible, constant happiness, economic stability and continual growth.

Set in the twilight of a failing economic and global society, Low Season asks us what it will take for us to find another way forward. Are we truly doomed? Or do we already possess the means to regenerate and re-evaluate our place in the world?

So In a way what this constituted was also a start point for the video pitch and all the other descriptions of the film both in and pout of Crowd funding platform… Thanks crowd funding nemesis!


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