Criteria of crowdfunding goals (what is important to me)

After reading extensively around the topic of why should backers back your crowd funding project, I have come up with the key criteria for why I believe that people will get involved with my project and support it:

Satisfaction/involvement: This seems critical with my project as I am not delivering a product in the traditional sense, I am creating a film which contains ideas and seeks to communicate them, spreading a wider message. Stakeholders are as I have identified for this project more than customers or backers, they are my potential audience, and promoters, and as such seeking them to get involved is of upmost importance

Creative engagement: Appears similar to the criteria above but is a deeper level of engagement wherein I’m encouraging people to feel like they have not only a choice to get involved but a stake in the creative process, they can watch but also help the project take shape.

Social engagement: This is critical to my project as It will I hope appeal to people out there that want to stimulate open dialogue on the issues being discussed, and may feel this is a good platform to show this support and even further make there voice heard.

Problem solving: this is similar to the one above for me, I am not offering solutions, but am seeking to invite others to openly discuss and through this find ways to address elements of the issues, i.e. more open discourse.

Content preview: I am trying to avoid the exclusivity that Jamie Stegmair mentions in his blog, however the idea of access to materials both in pre productions (behind the scenes footage, story boards etc) as well as an invite to a premiere and Q&A session is essential in my encouragement. Although i want to treat all my backers as part of the team this scale of involvement is created to simply generate more potential for serious investment to meet our goals…. Morally I’m not entirely ok with this but I have to have some criteria.

Recognition: This one is also a tricky one but lets be fair everyone likes a pat on the back! In this case the incentives are a thank you both on social media (twitter) and in the credits. there are three main levels of this film credit, included as a backer in the list of all backers in credit roll, included as an associate producer (mo-money) and active engagement as an extra, and credit as such.


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