‘Cadilac’s in the mist’ a journey in thinking as writing as research of theme.

So a rant then?

Well I make no bones about this blog post it is creative writing not academic inquiry. but what it does offer for me is a chance to formulate some of the readings and thoughts and throw them in a big melting pot of my head to see what comes out.

An excuse to indulge in a rant? Possibly, but a much needed touch stone for me to get thoughts down and organised. I make no excuses, This is a useful exercise and is not intended as a formal study. “HUT HUM”

Imagine us all, little squishy bodied bipedal mammals, lacking in tooth and claw, well as defensive/offensive weapons anyhow, reliant on that big grey lump between our ears to elevate us and sustain us in the world.

Yes us humans are a peculiar lot, we have evolved through imaginative use of our brain and hands, by manipulating the world around us, and by creatively engaging with problems, and working together in advanced and nuanced social structures. We have become a very powerful species on this planet.

With all our social skills, creativity and technological invention, we still seem to have walked into a trap. The recent cave we are still exploring goes nowhere, and as the torch we hold flickers low, we still seem unable to grasp a simple fact. Consumerist and capitalistic forms of economy and and political ideology, don’t work for us!

To some this would seem an obvious statement, and I’m not just referring to the Marxists out there the lefties and socialists, some of whom may still yearn for a utopian style communism that seems unlikely to ever come, and probably never could.

No I refer also to those people who daily are waking up to the failures of a system that encourages selfishness, greed, and a short-term view of the future.

There is a growing movement to wrestle back the power from the Power crazed super rich and the slippery pole climbing sycophants they support in political careers, toward a more open and honest engagement with the issues facing us and the planet we call home in the 21st century.

We as a species, have been lured by the glitter of pretty things, we have confused freedom with attainment of money, we see wealth as a purely financial definition.

Whilst we still believe that money will, and can buy us freedom, we will continue to wander around in the labyrinth of the cave, lost and severed from the rest of the world, We will find nothing in this cave except the remains of our ancestors who perished trying to achieve similar goals, perhaps it will be then and only then that we wake up, just as our torch sputters and goes out.

 I see us as a species imprisoned by the car we have become so enamoured with, the symbol of western freedom, the capitalistic figurehead of the false dream.

A mist hangs low across a marshland, dotted around are the wrecks of cars, planted each from the bonnet to the windscreen into the mud, standing like crashed monoliths from another age. they are everywhere as far as the eye and the mist allows us to see, each contains a kernel of possibility for human kind, a fragment that was once a collective, a hu-man dwells inside each blissfully unaware of there entrapment, and the rising of the tide.We travel in our cars like time travellers zooming around burning the midnight oil we can not replace, and rejoice at our cleverness, our freedom!

It is as if a great many humans have fallen under a collective dream spell that supplants a waking view of ourselves and our world. When will we realise that long ago the cars we drive left the road, careered down piers and plunged themselves into the tidal mire to stand out of the mists like silent sentinels our cars became the modern prison hulks, we still cling inside to the capitalistic dream in an self enforced and self perpetuating prison. our voices lost to each other on the misty mudflats of our world, the tide is coming in folks, And with it we will have to leave behind our foolish pride and reliance on stuff! We had better bloody well learn to swim again too, the motor is flooded the fuel run out, if we could just find it the door handle still works, and can open us to other possibilities.


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