The video pitch script: First draft

Hi Thanks for watching my video, my name is Chris Lake I am independent film maker from Devon England.

I want to invite you to become a part of a community and film project, This film is many things it is a shout out to the dispossessed, those struggling on the fringes of society. It is an open letter of support to those who have suffered or continue to suffer mental distress.

This film doesn’t offer a cure, and it doesn’t offer a solution to the many pressures we face in the modern world, but what we can do is give a voice to these often hidden issues through the poetics of film and the power of community.

You are that community, and together we can communicate  share and discuss these ideas in a truly open way.

The film I want to make with your help is called ‘low Season’ It is set in a small seaside resort in the depths of winter, all shot locally in Devon, and follows a middle aged man who appears to be clinging on to the very edge of what society has dealt him. It is through his journey we can look more closely at the human cost of modern consumerism, and find hope again in the coming together of community and reconnection with self.

So what is it that we need to do? Well this is a very low budget short film and to make it properly It needs your support.

The reason  that more films are not made locally made addressing difficult issues in a confident and creative way is that they tend not to sell

and  therefore people don’t want to invest there time or money in them.


It is is all too easy to bring everything back to money,  So here I am on Kickstarter, not begging, but asking you to get involved! Spread the word!

Join in. 

What is needed financially to complete this film is a small amount to cover the expenses, to provide transport and food, and support for a wonderful

cast and crew who are giving up there time for free.

So how can you help? First of all get involved by being co promoters, fellow distributors, this is the partnership, you are not just backers you are part of the team that can make this happen, so please shout about it to your friends, and pledge your support even if it is a tiny amount and we can not only get this film made, we can get it seen.

There are opportunities to get involved more directly with the film too, all those who pledge will be included in the credits, all team members who pledge 10 or more will be awarded associate producer credits. If you live locally or can get to the shoot dates and pledge 50 or more then there is space for 6 people to be extras in the film itself, to be a part of the shoot and see the film being made in the flesh.

Anyone pledging 5 or more will be invited to an advanced screening of the film and an exclusive Q&A with the me the director and other members of the cast and crew.

There are all manner of incentives and rewards for becoming a team member.

With your involvement and support we can make a short film that speaks loudly and proudly about the power of community and what it can achieve.

Thanks for watching.


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