Perspectivism: Ideas working in the world

This concept of social theory pulling down at the lofty ideas in more existential Philosophy, appears to have real resonance for where I am currently as a film maker, testing out my ideas and concepts is the only way any of my current projects can move forward, the ideas do not I think have to revolve around some gritty ideal of reality, I am an admirer of the british tradition for hard hitting ‘ gritty’ dramas the kitchen sink thrown in too. however I have always felt this at odds with this as a film maker.

My attraction has been to the french new wave, or the Germans with both expressionism for its completely radical take on what moving image can do, and the later new German filmmakers of the sixties like Wim Wenders. not to mention the greatest film maker for me of them all The Russian Andrei Tarkovsky.

This all looks very pro European and I guess I could keep quoting the greats from many more countries but I’m not not going anywhere near the Brexit debate (idiots who sold us out)….Ooops

But Im pointing at my own leanings as a film maker, one who has so far steered away from strong literal storytelling and run a mile from the term drama. I guess narrative is a broad term and a fairly imprecise one too.

So where does all this leave me, some one who yearns to describe human states to speak in visual language that touches not just speaks. With my lofty ideas can I bring these back into a social context that has both impact honesty and clear voice?

This is why the ideas of perspectivism that I stumbled on whilst reading more Pierre Bourdieu started to have more than a passing interest, they suddenly seemed like a tool for measuring my own goals and progress.

Don’t get me wrong I am not about to try and prove empirically any of my ideas I’m a film maker not a scientist and thats how I would choose it. To describe nuance I hope, and  shifting patterns and moods, and to speak sometimes for those who seldom speak, the dispossessed the mad or survivors of the psychiatric hell we call mental health care. For those who have dangled their feet over the abyss, and for all who have a heart that beats occasionally in their chest!!!

Structure and reflection to keep me on course… And serious enquiry:

How can I describe touch and texture in moving image?

How can technology be decoded?

How do frame rates, affect our view of modren digital moving image?

What is gained by speaking of the darker sides of human experience?


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