Communicating the qualities and goals of the project

Further to my Strategies for criteria to attract backers, I would like to lay out the ways in which I think this is best communicated to potential backers.

Im a film maker, so obviously the video pitch is very important to me, I have tried so far to gather ideas that do two things in the pitch.

Firstly: to communicate honestly the goals and reasons behind the short film and why it needs the support of backers on the given platform. this is as much about social engagement and being a part of the process as it is about about anything. Backers are encouraged to see themselves as part of a team, and an integral part of the overall project, not just spectators or viewers even, but as promoters and even collaborators. My method of speaking to the camera at this stage is still feeling a little forced what i intend to do is use the locations in which the actual film is being shot as backdrops to create a thematic mood.

Secondly: the pitch is designed to take that last idea a bit further and work as a part mood trailer to show potential ‘team members’ what they are going to see in the final film. We have shot a little b roll footage and mood footage that supports this premise, and will take off some of the pressure of me standing in front of camera for 2-3 minutes.

In the written pitch I feel I can explore some of these ideas further, going more into background of the project, the ideas that it looks at dealing with and the inspiration for this. I will also look to communicate more clearly why we need the support and where this support will be employed and used/useful.


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