January: “A shoddy blog affair”

The break has been a shoddy affair of illness and lost time, full of christmas and new year cheer I am not. What I have concluded is that I am deeply behind on the module, as  a whole, I have have allowed bad health and changes in direction to allow a dissolution of my ideas and goals.

So If I am to salvage anything from the wreckage in the new year I need an action plan and fast.

Chiefly this consists of breaking down what I have got to achieve and when.

I am a little confused by the module still, and need to resolve a key issue still, when is the actual deadline for the kickstarter? The combination of a huge amount of reading of philosophical texts has given me a good start on the theory side and I must evidence this more. However since my choice to change from the worksop idea to the film I have felt beset on all sides.

1- I plan to make a film shoot dates are looking like reading week in March, the problems currently attached to this are myriad: Firstly the locations, the cafe location opens in March and will become unavailable. this pushes toward either shooting this location in February or finding a new one. To make things even more complicated the owners are on holiday for two weeks in Febuary and they seem unable to state which two weeks? I am very close to scrubbing the Dawlish cafe as a location and moving my sights elsewhere.

The Pier at Teignmouth are available but are having building repair work done, and are also not sure of availability, need to ask Jake my producer to chase them up.

I still need to finish storyboarding,  although I have the film locked in my head it still remains only in its entirety up there where it can only be described verbally. I am loathe to fix too much with the cinematographer Rusty at this stage as I know ideas will continue to evolve and do not want him to think that this is me dithering.

Either way I must lay it out properly on paper for others to see as a tangible whole. at least in concept!

I have managed to attain a father and boy (My oldest friend and his 12 year old are on board) to play the swimming scene, just need a small happy dog now to complete the madness!

The need to work alongside the kickstarter has quite frankly become more of a ball and chain than a positive…. And on that note…

2- Kickstarter, I have to go back and somewhat reverse engineer my goals for this part of the module, because up until the end of November all my work had been leaning toward the workshop idea and although essentially my philosophical reading and ideological research certainly crosses over the more practical and pragmatic ideas of finance and business are far more complex.

I have a solid vision of the pitch video but essentially feel somewhat uncomfortable about pitching a film which is an attack on almost all things consumer and capitalist, well perhaps not all things! But Im seriously doubtful as to who would want to fund a film which seeks to critique the cost of the current system and its human and social cost. It is the toughest sell and a terrible fit in this sense ethically for this module. Aimed at the outsiders and the disposessed… Perhaps it may strike a chord?

On a more positive note, My Nephew in law, has also agreed to a key role as the busker in the film and having some solid experience in promotion through social media from his years in a band, has also said he will set up and run a Facebook page dedicated to the film, as I am a Facebook escapee and not likely to ever return before anything this side of hades ices over, this is very useful and I’m very cheerful that I had the cheek to ask and that he is excited to get involved.

Continuing on the entrepreneurship side I have made inroads with Claire at the Exeter Phoenix as I volunteer there, an only partially cynical move on my part! And having access to the the inner workings and the ears of the digital side has been most useful. I had a heads up from Claire on the launch of the short film commissions and spoke to her about potentially making a pitch, she is keen and I will be going in to have an informal chat first I think. It is true that the commission runs from March and this is when I intends to shoot but I think at this stage the next short I intend on making may follow on well as a move to incorporate with the next Module 201 as it does involve collaboration,Fingers crossed here.

3- I really want to formalise my research but I seem to lack the time! I have read extensively and desperately want to read more as many of what may have appeared disparate topics and authors are finding an amazing synchronicity and this is very exciting, I intend on reading deeper into Lacanian theory. and am looking at how film theory has continued a dominant tradition of freudian depiction of mental state in film, this disturbs me and encourages me also.  The links between early industrialism, empiricism, Freud and the power structures that underpin modern capitalistic society are so intriguing! Not to mention the fact that many areas of film and philosophy are still entranced by these early prescriptive ideas of the mind! Trapped indeed in a post freudian hell!

Moreover I must record more of this journey as I am now doing more regularly and in some more detail. for instance I have a meeting tomorrow 4/1/2016 with Jake to discuss the film, and on Saturday 7/1/2016 I am meeting Rusty the DOP and Hoping to not only look at the locations but also meet the set designer, and perhaps even get a little bit of the pitch video shot.

Phew…. After burners are on full throttle until march, or I crash into an unseen mountain.


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