Art, the cigarette and a society losing its’ mind?

Nerd writer has long been a favourite blogger of mine, He produces thoughtful and insightful essays that Usually (even if I disagree fundamentally with his conclusions) lead me off in a series of interesting explorations in research and ideas.

I have posted this particular Vlog here not for his conclusions but for how he constructs his assertive arguments or positions.

He lays down here a connection between the cigarette art and mental health but more than this he elegantly and succinctly shifts them through the filter of our modern perception of all three, leading us to draw conclusions on the connections between modern mental health issues and advanced capitalism.

So of course I find interest in his themes, I cannot merely stand back and watch as an unbiased observer at his methodology. But the links I find to small elements within the whole are myriad. For instance the link between the historical link between the cigarette and the working classes here is particularly interesting as my character takes out a cigarette in the film low season lights it up and then extinguishes it with a cough, The suggestion I am making is not only between the character having a last cigarette before death, but more subtly he obviously doesn’t smoke anymore, because he coughs and stubs it out, it is really a suggestion that society has even robbed him of this vice, he may well be a blue collar worker who has been nagged into quitting for his health, and here he is trying to rebel when nothing much seems to matter anymore, when even this sours in his mouth.

He has been enveloped by the ideology of others, he is not a free man and deep down he knows it.

This method of pulling together differing strands that at first seem unconnected to the whole before bringing them together with more of a question than a conclusion Is perhaps used a great deal writing but to see this in what really is still quite a young art form (if you can call it that) this is a new form of media which speaks widely and concisely. A great kernel for debate and further study.

So yes  the theoretical links made here across the grand scale of social cultural and political history are of upmost interest to me, but here it is in details, the triggers or signs that wake us to where and who we are, that I find the new and interesting, that carries over into my practice as a film maker.


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