Tweet Tweet


I can’t believe I am writing a blog about twitter, but somehow by some dark process of delivery and need, I find myself with a profile all signed up, I’m still at a total loss what to write as first tweet but this is all progress for someone who escaped Facebook many years ago and then has been more than suspect ever since.

Rachel has made a winning case for the use of twitter, the defining moment or penny drop was when I realised that this cyber connection could indeed lead to actually meeting and sharing ideas with someone in real life! This may sound obvious, and I may tell me a lot about myself. not least that I prefer face to face communication.
So that barrier has fallen, as I’m sure will others. My problem does not lay in a lack of understanding of the technology or an inherent distrust of the web but rather a lack of empathy with a culture of self promotion.

This I know is very unfortunate for someone studying a MA in creative entrepreneurship but has been, and will no doubt continue to be a very real concern and obstacle for me.

To explain in a little more detail, I am simply very recalcitrant when promoting my own work, this is down to a lot of factors, but this blog (as of yet is not a therapy room)! So I will stick to the basics of shying away from drawing attention to oneself, exactly the skills or traits that are needed to make a go of not just this course but also any serious foray into creative promotion.

So these do indeed feel like baby steps right now, and I am only too aware they need to very quickly become rather more than an amble!

Well perhaps I may make my first tweet about the challenges of online social media.


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